Building habits and breaking into data science

I sat down with Jeremie Harris recently (co-founder and COO of  SharpestMinds) for the Towards Data Science podcast. We talked about quitting a PhD, learning programming and data science from scratch, and what habits can help you get there. Listen below on Spotify, or find it on your favourite podcast streaming service!

Death metal, machine learning, and algorithmic bias

AI and machine learning algorithms are becoming increasingly relevant in the technology we use and it’s important for everyone to understand the implications. There is a key difference in how machine learning algorithms are programmed compared to traditional algorithms. Instead of being logic-based, they are data-based. We’re going from software that is explicitly programmed (if […]

Web-scraping with Python and Scrapy

A common sentiment you’ll hear from data scientists is that the majority of their day-to-day work is spent collecting and cleaning data.  This is a skill many beginner data scientists tend to neglect. It’s much easier to grab an existing clean data-set and start building models instead of creating one from scratch. At SharpestMinds, we […]